The International Honduran Diaspora informs that throughout the
United States, where more than 1 million compatriots live, there have
been a series of irregularities in the delivery of the National
Identification Document (Documento Nacional de Identidad, DNI) with
the clear purpose of preventing us from exercising our right to
participate in the presidential elections of Honduras this Sunday,
November 28.

Through the restriction of opportunities, only 12,858 DNI enrollments
were made and only 1,090 were delivered. After months waiting, the 14
consular offices refused to deliver the documents after the November
25 holiday, based on falsehoods: from their late arrival on Wednesday
24, to the extension of the federal recess to Friday 25 and the loss of
document lots by the issuing company.

We demand that the right to vote of registered citizens be honored and
call on the Honduran people and the international community’s
support, so the suppression of our votes does not go unpunished.

Diáspora Hondureña Internacional (DHI) November 28, 2021

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